We ask questions...

Back-and-forth discussion helps refine the objectives.


We listen...

We listen to your ideas, concepts, goals, and objectives.


We act on your vision...

We develop a strategic plan, we anticipate and avoid problems, and we execute.


We achieve tangible results.


Real Expertise

Our corporate slogan is “Real Expertise”. And it is true. The foundation of the Company is based on broad and deep experience in all facets of commercial real estate. The Company’s two founders have owned, operated, syndicated, and financed commercial real estate and have consummated hundreds of lease and sale transactions over many decades. At the same time, they also have extensive experience as business owners, construction managers, asset managers and property managers. In addition, the Company has assembled an impressive team of professionals with a focus on experience and complementary backgrounds.Our clients directly benefit from our collective experience, advice, market knowledge and strategic insights. Our expertise and integrity maintain our client relationships over time.


The Company

We provide advisory and brokerage services for commercial real estate clients throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region. Crafting solutions for clients is accomplished by fully understanding each client’s unique requirements, constraints, and objectives. There are numerous variables and disciplines in each transaction that need to be thoroughly considered, understood, and incorporated into a strategic plan. We guide our clients through that process, which enables us to collaboratively shape and mold our client’s goals and objectives into real estate solutions.

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Terrell Marsh


Rob Seidel

Executive Vice President

Jeff Handler

Executive Vice President

Beverly Merchant

Executive Vice President

Holly Marsh

Director of Accounting and Administration
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