While many participants in commercial real estate are fond of the adage “location, location, location”, we feel a more appropriate phrase for commercial real estate ownership success and wealth creation is “experience, experience, experience”. Over many decades we have witnessed intelligent people – who were knowledgeable and successful in their own business or industry – venture into commercial real estate and endure painful lessons and economic hardships. In hindsight, many realized that they were under the false assumption that merely “getting into the game” by buying commercial property would ensure financial success. Moreover, they also underestimated all the facets, disciplines and risks involved in owning and operating an illiquid commercial real estate investment over time. In a word, they were inexperienced.

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A buyer seeking to invest in one or more multi-million-dollar commercial real estate assets should not rely on a mere real estate agent whose only material contribution is forwarding lists of properties for sale. Rather, a savvy buyer should align with a competent and experienced commercial real estate advisor who can provide high value fro m firsthand knowledge and experience over the entire life cycle of a commercial real estate investment. At SVN | Providence, we facilitate successful investment in commercial properties by offering our in-depth insights, strategies and tactics pertaining to market analysis, financial projections and valuation, due diligence review, property management and operational considerations, debt financing, negotiation, future disposition planning, among other disciplines.

As seasoned advisors, we know the industry players in our submarkets and have invaluable connections and relationships, unique information networks, and off-market opportunities.

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